Building Division

***Please be aware that new building and development fees will go into effect on May 1st, 2018***

To view the new fees, please see the fee schedule here on our website.


The City of New Braunfels adopted the 2015 editions of the International Building / International Residential Codes (IBC/IRC) and the 2014 edition of the National Electric Code (NEC) as of August 11th 2015. The Building Division has copies of the ordinance incorporating the new changes.


The New Braunfels Building Division of the Planning and Community Development Department is responsible for the following:
  • Implementation of all Building Codes and City Ordinances during the construction, alteration and improvement of the built environment to secure the beneficial interests of public life, health, and welfare.
  • Retention of the greatest reduction in insurance premiums for the citizens by participation in the Community Rating System and Building Code effectiveness grading schedule.
  • Assurance that all construction is performed by licensed and/or registered contractors.
  • Minimization of the potential for flood damage to structures in a cost effective manner.
  • Timely response to the questions, issues and concerns of the citizens of New Braunfels on matters related to the above functions of the Building Division.

Permits & Inspections

Building Division staff process building permit applications and conduct all inspections required for construction within the city limits. The inspectors examine work for compliance with building, gas, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing codes to ensure compliance with basic construction standards for health and safety. The City has adopted the ICC Code, 2015 Edition and the 2014 edition of the National Electric Code (NEC).


At this time, all construction work within the city must be completed by general contractors who are registered with the city. Plumbers, electricians, and mechanical contractors must be licensed by the state and registered with the city. Both the licensing and registration have applicable fees.