Stock Historic District

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The smallest of the City's Historic Districts, the Stock Historic District, includes five properties along Coll Street Between Market and Seguin Avenues.  The five lots were carved out of Original Town Lots #90 and #153. Early settler Carl Stock received Town Lot #90 in 1845.  Records indicate that Carl Stock arrived in Texas as a Verein colonist along with his bride, Maria Heim. However, in truth the two were not yet married but presented themselves as such to be eligible for more land. 

​ The Stocks built a single-room fachwerk house which still stands today at 195 Coll Street.  Unfortunately, the entire Stock family died within three days of each other in May 1847 due to the Cholera Epidemic which claimed the lives of hundreds of immigrants. Over time Lot #90 was divided into three separate lots: 195 Coll Street, 177 Coll Street, and 163 Coll Street.

​Other homes in this district include the 1905 Klenke-Altwein House at 163 Coll Street, a relocated Craftsman Style Bungalow at 289 Comal Avenue, and a circa 1905 Folk Victorian house at 177 Coll Street. 


Stock Historic District Map

Stock Historic District Map