Scout the Green Raccoon

Scout, the Green Raccoon – a Hometown Hero!
Scout, a Hometown Hero! Deep in the heart of Texas is the beautiful city of New Braunfels - a city known for two rivers flowing through it, ancient trees, diverse wildlife, and friendly people. In this city lives a very curious raccoon named Scout.

Scout loves to explore New Braunfels. He climbs the tallest trees and looks out over the city, to watch people walking in nature, jogging, and having picnics in the parks. He ventures down to the riverbanks to watch people splashing in the summer sun. Scout also loves to see people singing and dancing at festivals and events all around New Braunfels. However, sometimes he is discouraged when he sees the natural beauty of the area scattered with litter.

During one of Scout’s lookout treks, he spied a large garbage truck driving through neighborhoods, emptying containers of trash placed at the curb. Curious Scout decided to find out where the garbage trucks were going and why.

He stowed away on the back of a garbage truck, which went to the nearby landfill. Scout was amazed at the mountain of trash there! The truck’s driver spied Scout, and taught the curious raccoon all about recycling and reducing waste.

“It’s important to reuse the things we can,” the driver said.

“Not everyone knows this - something needs to be done about it,” Scout thought.
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Scout decided he should take action. His animal friends dubbed him “Scout, the Green Raccoon” for his dedication to reducing waste and encouraging recycling and they even made a superhero outfit for him to wear, because his task was so important!

Now, Scout goes all over New Braunfels to teach about recycling and waste reduction. “So many household containers can be recycled,” says Scout. “Cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, jelly jars, yesterday’s newspaper, and even milk cartons!”

Like Scout, we can always be on the lookout for ways to recycle and reuse items and be hometown heroes in our community!

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To promote the City’s commitment to protect the environment and encourage recycling, Scout offers free recycling presentations to schools and learning centers, as well as civic, social, and business organizations. Look for Scout to make appearances at events throughout the year.

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